The Original for cleaning in the printing industry

Pressed sponges, also known as swelling sponges, are pressed under high pressure and heat. This means that they offer specific advantages for further processing and application. On contact with liquids they swell up to their original size and have the same properties as un-pressed sponges from thereon. The liquid absorption factor of a pressed sponge is around 21 times that of its own weight. > to product request

Production possibilities

· sizes up to around 690 x 330 x 2-3 mm
· drill holes and punched holes to your specifications
· square, round, oval or individual shape cuts

Special Features

· expands on contact with liquids
· liquid absorption factor up to 21 times own weight
· multicoloured and individually printable
· low transport and storage volume

Examples of swelling sponge applications

> cleaning of pressure plates and machines under product name VISKOVITA®
> use as filling or sealing material
> printing with technical information or advertising messages
> use in paint shops for liquid absorbing and cleaning