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Spontex viscose material

Regenerated cellulose is used as the source material for our high-quality viscose sponges. This basic cellulose material is obtained from renewable organic fibres. One of the most important properties of viscose sponge is its enormous liquid absorption capability. Our viscose sponges can absorb and retain up to 21 times their own weight in liquid. 

The viscose sponge material has the mechanical and specific electrical properties of a natural woven fabric and is, furthermore, biologically degradable. A wide range of colours and pore sizes can be set during the production process. Our sponges can also be provided with a stabilising skin depending on type of manufacturing process. The viscose sponge material is first manufactured in blocks and then made to the shape required by the customer on our production equipment by cutting, punching, drilling and slotting. This flexibility in our own works enables us to work the sponge material into a wide range of shapes and also to meet the high quality requirements of our customers.

The most important properties of viscose material:

> high liquid absorption capacity
> high liquid retention capacity
> high chemical and acid resistance
> disinfectable

> temperature resistant
> stabilising external skin
> washable up to 60 °C
> permeable

> electrically conducting
> sound-absorbing
> compostable